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Crossing Border Consequences - The Financial Complexity of the Pondstraddler Life™

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Cross Border Financial Planning for Bermuda Residents - the Real Perennial Pondstraddlers* with Multi-National Families and International Connections





PondStraddlerLife™ Financial Perspectives Blog is the Cross Border Financial Planning blog for Bermudians with international connections and guest worker Multinationals On the Move. PLFP is written by Martha Myron (a perennial pondstraddler) as well as a qualified finance professional in international investments, taxation, risk management, retirement, trust and estate planning. Launching soon.

The Pondstraddler* Life™ Financial Perspectives focuses on the challenges of managing complex finances for cross border lifestyles of globally mobile citizens, Bermuda island residents, and / or multinational families with United States, Canadian, United Kingdom, Europe, and other Bermudian connections.




Bermuda Fundamental Financial Planning Primer Series


Bermuda Back-to-Basics Financial Review

Read the Entire Series in the Royal Gazette


Dawn of Great Expectations

-Living Life, Defining Your Identity

-The Brand Called You

-Setting Your Goals

-Focus on the Future


Into the Winds of Change

-Cash Management


-Cost Cutting with The Bermuda Tightwad Gazetteers

-Education and Career

-Financial Enlightenment - The Bermuda Investment Primer

-but First Your Own Home



-Financial Survival and Redundancy Recovery

-Relationships & Money

-Debt, More Debt: Wants Versus Needs

-International Taxation - Border Crossing Complications

-The Risk in Living


Calm Waters. Rippling Into Retirement

-Retirement Rules and Progress Steps

-Career Apex, Career Abyss

-Pensions, Benefits, and Income Security


Swimmingly Serene Twilight

-Reinvention, and Refinement of a Lifestyle

-Finding Your New Identity,

-Little Losses, but a Large Finite Future Still Awaits

-Time for Play, Time for a Purpose Filled Second Life


Dimming of the Day

-Legacy Latitude

-Estate Certaintude

-Bermuda Trust Structures


Financial Enlightenment: The Bermuda Investment Primer

1. Cash, Currency & Money Market Funds

2. Stocks

3. Bonds

4. Mutual Funds

5. Alternatives: ETFs, Private Equity

6. Asset Allocation and portfolio management

7. Derivatives

8. Options, Futures, Forwards

9. Commodities, Blockchain currency

10. Real estate

11. The Investing Process in Bermuda

12. Challenges:

- Investing in local markets

- International tax complexity

- Choosing an Ethical Advisor





BERMUDA: Economy

Bermuda is NOT a Tax Haven! Talking Points


BERMUDA: The World's Risk Capital and International Finance Center





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Mount St. Agnes Academy Reunion  MSA 1961-2011



Bermuda Remembrance 911


September 11 made 2001 unquestionably, the worst year of the last decade of last century. The United States was attacked onshore with the loss of thousands of lives. Many of those lost were closely affiliated and personally known in Bermuda in our international financial and insurance industries.

Bermuda lost two of her own citizens, innocents, ordinary people who took opportunities to work abroad to bring betterment to their lives and their families, never to return.









Martha Harris Myron


Since the year 2000 and more than 700 articles later, Martha has written the weekly Personal Finance column in the Royal Gazette, Bermuda. She is passionately committed to Bermuda financial literacy (see Mission Statement) and has dedicated this non-profit educational website to providing easy to use information and clarity to all things financially important in our complex international finance centre of Bermuda. 

Pondstraddler Life™ Financial Perspectives and the Bermuda Fundamental Financial Plan Series are focused on financial education relative to the Bermudian environment for Bermuda residents, multinational citizens, guest workers and business owners living, working and retired on the island.


Martha is the Principal of The PondStraddler♦ Life™ Consultancy, Bermuda



See Mission Statement.




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Bermuda surrounded by dangerous reefs

- The Island of Bermuda from NASA Satellite -

Surrounded by Dangerous Reefs - the fourth most remote land mass in the World.

640 miles due east from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Longitude 64, Latitude 32 degrees




Bermuda is a beacon, a tiny island on a defunct volcano in the middle of the Atlantic. Discovered more than 500 hundred years ago, settled since the year 1604, Bermuda has had a marine history of astonishing proportions to her size and population.  From the first voyage to Jamestown to revitalize the remaining starving settlers, to the first fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel driven swiftly to commerce on the high seas, to the vital support of military allies from revolutionary to cold wars, through NASA space missions, and shuttle base landing alternative, Bermuda’s connections to the US, the Northern Maritimes, the UK / Europe and the Caribbean have been innovative, opportunistic and pragmatic. With well-honed survivalist instincts, Bermuda islanders produced seafarers, superb ships, and pilots of extraordinary skill and daring.



The Spirit of Bermuda - a modern day Bermuda fast rigged sloop



In Bermuda, the primeval influence of the sea is everywhere. It is part of us, not easily separated from us. It is the salt in our blood; the spray on our faces; the essence of breath in our lungs. We are of the sea, surrounded by the and the sea is with us, always. We Bermuda citizens are independent, survivalist-minded, risk-takers confident in our unique position in the global economy.

OCEAN Poetic. THEY THAT GO DOWN TO THE Sea in Ships, that do business in great waters....... Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate, As we voyage along through life. 

Visit the Bermuda Maritime Museum, now incorporated into the National Museum of Bermuda, to see hundreds of years of marine history of Bermuda and her people.   


Modern Bermuda The Island of Bermuda is referred to as the “world’s risk capital,” a salute to the innovation, entrepreneurialism, and leadership of international business, Bermuda (re)insurers and the Bermuda government that has fostered the growth of this business.


Bermuda has become a blue-chip international financial centre—home to
high-net-worth trusts, international law firms, hedge fund managers, shipping
companies, and major insurance and reinsurance corporations. The island is forging a global legacy.


Bermuda is one of the top-three insurance and reinsurance centres in the world, alongside New York and London and is acknowledged as the largest property catastrophe market. Our island companies contributed an estimated 35 billion dollars to US catastrophe losses over the past dozen years.


We paid:

- 22 billion to help rebuild the US Gulf and Florida coasts after the horrific hurricane seasons in 2004 and 2005,

- including paying nearly 30 percent of insured losses from Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

- nine percent of United States 9/11 claims

- we support some 25 percent of the US medical liability insurance and reinsurance


And Bermudian insurers were the first to settle their claims.


Bermuda’s captive commercial liability insurance and reinsurance sector fills an important capacity shortage for U.S. companies. Approximately 75% of the 500 leading companies in the U.S. have captive insurance subsidiaries in Bermuda, which provide worker’s compensation and other lines of liability coverage.


For further references, go to the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers website. http://www.abir.bm/ and Bermuda's International Business Industry at www.bermuda-online.org



The Economy of Bermuda in the Year of our Lord 2017.

The Bermuda Government Budget for the 2016 / 2017 fiscal year was not a balanced budget, but it was prudent and conservative. Only time and a gradual improvement in foreign investment will provide fiscal strength indicators signaling an improvement in our economy. Meanwhile, Government finances will continue to be challenged, albeit conservative austerity measures are still in place.


Bermuda Islanders brought a new government into power more than four years ago, who faced challenging budget deficits, a decreasing GDP, a high debt ceiling and a six-year economic recession impacting Bermuda businesses, and residents alike. We wished for leaders with fortitude and a brighter vision for the future.


However, financial bright lights are evident on the horizon. An increase in the number of international business company incorporations and captive formations in 2014, 2015, and 2016 has brought optimism. High tourist season 2017 is projected to start positively with the annual influx of visitors to Bermuda's shores, welcomed by local populace with their foreign currency infusions highly anticipated. Domestic retail sales have increased for more than ten months. Gross Domestic Product has increased for the first time in over six years.


Bermuda welcomed America's Cup Challenge for the year 2017. Sailing crews, equipment, yachts, and organizers have arrived for training in anticipation of this famous event.

Financial Survival. Individuals and their families are still keeping budgets close to the line, economizing further for additional savings, particularly, if family members are unemployed.

READ the Financial Survival Section for help on coping with the recessionary downturn along with  Is Your Job On the Line: Coping with Redundancy. The common sense information has been culled from the author's and readers' personal experiences. We know; we've been through recessions before.


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The Royal Gazette, Hamilton, Bermuda

ABIR  - The Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers

Supporting Consumers in Times of Catastrophe


Bermuda Online   www.bermuda-online.org was the first, and is still, the preeminent website (launched more than twenty years ago) by Keith Forbes to actively promote the beauty, history, governance, tourism, environment, international industry and many more topics about our island of Bermuda, the premier international finance centre. 




Onion Law Blog  Legal blog by Bermuda lawyer, Peter Sanderson


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