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Crossing Border Consequences - The Financial Complexity of the Pondstraddler Life™


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Cross Border Financial Planning for Bermuda Residents - the Real Perennial Pondstraddlers* with Multi-National Families and International Connections





PondStraddlerLife™ Financial Perspectives Website and Blog is the Cross Border Financial Planning blog for Bermuda Islanders and their Globally Mobile Connections across the Great Atlantic Pond. LINK AT www.pondstraddler.com


PLFP is written by Martha Myron (a perennial pondstraddler) and a qualified finance professional in international investments, taxation, risk management, retirement, trust and estate planning.

The Pondstraddler* Life™ Financial Perspectives focuses on the challenges of managing complex finances for cross border lifestyles of globally mobile citizens, Bermuda island residents, and / or multinational families with United States, Canadian, United Kingdom, Europe, and other Bermudian connections.




Bermuda surrounded by dangerous reefs



- The Island of Bermuda from NASA Satellite -

Surrounded by Dangerous Reefs - the fourth most remote land mass in the World.

640 miles due east from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Longitude 64, Latitude 32 degrees




Bermuda is a beacon, a tiny island on a defunct volcano in the middle of the Atlantic. Discovered more than 500 hundred years ago, settled since the year 1604, Bermuda has had a marine history of astonishing proportions to her size and population.  From the first voyage to Jamestown to revitalize the remaining starving settlers, to the first fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel driven swiftly to commerce on the high seas, to the vital support of military allies from revolutionary to cold wars, through NASA space missions, and shuttle base landing alternative, Bermuda’s connections to the US, the Northern Maritimes, the UK / Europe and the Caribbean have been innovative, opportunistic and pragmatic. With well-honed survivalist instincts, Bermuda islanders produced seafarers, superb ships, and pilots of extraordinary skill and daring.



The Spirit of Bermuda - a modern day Bermuda fast rigged sloop





In Bermuda, the primeval influence of the sea is everywhere. It is part of us, not easily separated from us. It is the salt in our blood; the spray on our faces; the essence of breath in our lungs. We are of the sea, surrounded by the sea and the sea is with us, always.

We Bermuda citizens are independent, survivalist-minded, risk-takers confident in our unique position in the global economy.




Martha Harris Myron, Principal of The PondStraddler♦ Life™ Consultancy, Bermuda.

Since the year 2000 and more than 1,000 articles later, Martha has written the weekly The Royal Gazette | Martha Myron Personal Finance column in the Royal Gazette, Bermuda. She is passionately committed to Bermuda financial literacy (see Mission Statement) and has dedicated this non-profit educational website to providing easy to use information and clarity to all things financially important in our complex international finance centre of Bermuda. 

Pondstraddler Life™ Financial Perspectives and the Bermuda Fundamental Financial Plan Series are focused on financial education relative to the Bermudian environment for Bermuda residents, multinational citizens, guest workers and business owners living, working and retired on the island.


See Mission Statement.

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