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Martha Harris Myron CPA PFS JSM is a cross border financial planning specialist consultant with an extensive professional background in international investments, taxation, risk management, estate, employee benefits and retirement issues. With a multi-national background, she is a true pondstraddler who has lived and worked extensively in the United States and in Bermuda, the International Offshore Premier Financial Center.

Principal: Pondstraddler ♦ Life™ Consultancy, Bermuda

♦Pondstraddler - A person with one foot in each shore whose heart resides in both countries♦

She is also Bermudian financial columnist who writes about complex financial and tax topics in plain understandable terms and is seriously committed to providing current financial education to the Bermuda readers.

Her articles are published domestically and internationally. They focus on the challenging financial environment for local and international residents and their families living and working in Bermuda with migration inbound and outbound of the cross border points in the North Atlantic Quadrangle: Bermuda, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

Contributing Author.

Martha Harris Myron, Bermuda Chapter:  LexisNexis® Guide to FATCA Compliance, 3rd Edition (William Byrnes & Robert Munro, LexisNexis 2015).


Martha Harris Myron, Bermuda Chapter Company Law & Analysis: Wolters Kluwer: International Trust Laws and Analysis (ITLA) 2014-5


Financial Columnist: Since 1996 with more than than 750 articles as contributor for MONEYWISE, the Royal Gazette, Bermuda, Tax Talk:South Africa, High Net Worth:U.K., Caribbean News, AICPA CPAInsider, Journal of Light Construction: USA and other global publications / web aggregators.

Woman of the Year - for ongoing contribution to financial literacy in Bermuda, by the Bermuda Business & Professional Women's Association (2008).

Masters of Law: International Tax and Financial Services, Summa Cum Laude

Certified Public Accountant (USA)

Personal Financial Specialist (AICPA-USA)

Member of Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (UK)




Confidential contact  - martha@pondstraddler.com

aicpa member